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Street Furniture Business with Qumbet™


The Qumbet™ brand, established in 1998, is renowned as the first registered street furniture trademark in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It is very competent in fulfilling the needs of the new world through designing, manufacturing and supplying quality newspaper stands, bus shelters and light boxes amongst other type of street furniture. Besides its main purpose of enhancing the outlook of your city, the two lucrative services that our multi-functional kiosks provide are retailing and outdoor advertising.



Business Partners of Qumbet™



  • Press Distributors 

  • Tobacco Suppliers

  • FMCG Retailers

    • Fast Food & Snacks

    • Soft Drinks

  • GSM & Public Phone Operators

  • Outdoor Advertisement Firms 



Milestones & Success Stories

•1st Generation of Qumbet (1997 – 2004);

–Awarded Shanghai kiosk project (2001)

–Awarded Istanbul Kiosk project (2002)

–Bakery (stand-alone bakery kiosk – Istanbul)

•2nd Generation of Qumbet (2005 – 2013):

–Anza (combined bus-shelter & kiosk designs)

–Aqua (City Beautification Project -Mumbai)

•Awarded Mumbai Zone 6 street furniture project

–Donut (stand-alone donut kiosk – Romania)

–Heritage (bus-shelter collection – San Francisco city bid)

–Lucidus (multi-purpose FMCG kiosk – Romania)

–Marisus (full-range Victorian style street furniture collection)

–Marigold (full-range street furniture collection – awarded 2010 Commonwealth Games New Delhi street furniture project)

–Ruch ( Newspaper and magazine kiosk in Warsaw 2013)

–Distec ( Bus Shelter ad panel of Cemusa USA in New York 2014)   


Business Opportunity by Qumbet™
Qumbet is now looking to expand the global market of outdoor advertising and FMCG Retailer concession though the usage of its chic street furniture as a medium of advertising. To do this Qumbet is seeking business with international partners who will embark on advertising and FMCG Retailing concession related projects that also fulfil the municipalities’ needs for a modern approach to urban design-such as appealing newspaper stands, taxi/bus shelters, phone booths



  • Newsstand Booth,

  • Newspaper Magazine booths, stands,kiosks

  • FMCG & Fast Food booths, stands, kiosks

  • Florist Booths,

  • Branding Booths,

  • Ticket Booths,

  • Food Carts,

  • Phone Booths,

  • Bus Shelters,

  • Public Toilets,

  • Light Boxes,

  • Vendor Stands

  • Hawker Booths 

  • Info Booths Kiosks 

  • Custom Kiosk and Booths

Qumbet Group
Grand Source Investment Ltd.
Headquarters - Hong Kong Office
Address:    Room 2309,23/F., Wayson Commercial Bldg., 28 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong
Telephone:    (+852) 2956 1331
Fax:    (+852) 2956 1330
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